Concentration 767

Concentration 767

This is Laura’s sleep version of her Concentration self-hypnosis session. Listening each night as you go to sleep will help you strengthen the focal point of your attention span. More importantly, Concentration self-hypnosis will help you enjoy learning, being focused and concentrating fully on the task at hand.

MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

$17.00 — $27.47

Listening to Concentration self-hypnosis each night when you go to bed will enhance your ability to concentrate, anytime, anywhere and upon anything you choose. As you become focused, your mind intensifies thereby heightening your awareness and strengthening your desire to learn or solve whatever is before you. Your sense of purpose will increase steadily and expand as you master the art of concentration. You will find it easy to concentrate, to accomplish any task or learn any subject with ease.

Through Laura’s specially designed relaxation techniques, you will find you are staying on task and are no longer easily distracted. Your attention span strengthens and becomes more discriminating, and you are able to solve problems quickly. Your ability to process and understand information increases each time you relax. Become the master of your mind with Laura’s Concentration self-hypnosis session.

Listen each night as you fall to sleep, and Laura retrain your brain for Concentration while you sleep. Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis session.

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