No More Seasickness 735

No More Seasickness 735

Jet lag can make the first day or two of a business trip or vacation miserable. Having traveled extensively, Laura was aware that jet lag can ruin your trip, so she created Let Go of Jetlag self-hypnosis so that she and other travelers can enjoy traveling across time zones. Listening to this self-hypnosis session will help you get adequate rest and relaxation so you are able to have an enjoyable and productive trip.

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Jet lag is a physical and mental disorientation that disrupts natural circadian rhythms, or body clock, when you fly across 2 or more time zones. Symptoms include inability to sleep, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Instead de-boarding the plane feeling sharp and alert, travelers will feel drugged and sluggish. Unfortunately, jetlag can spoil your vacation, decrease your energy level and reduce your ability to focus on business trips.

Take control of your travel experience with Laura’s Let Go of Jetlag self-hypnosis session, and guarantee yourself the adequate rest and relaxation so important to productive and enjoyable journeys. By repeatedly listening to Let Go of Jetlag self-hypnosis, you will increase your ability to adjust to changes in time zones, temperatures and lengths of sunlight hours. Get deep, rejuvenating rest so that you arrive at your destination awake, relaxed and aware of your environment.

Planning a trip? Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis session.

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