The challenge of facing an illness such as cancer, heart disease, or other physical afflictions can overwhelm your emotional health, as well as your immune system. Listening to Laura’s Positive Emotional Management self-hypnosis recording regularly will help you release the stress, fear, and anxiety surrounding your condition, so your body can heal itself more readily.

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    Laura’s Positive Emotional Management self-hypnosis session is designed to help you through this emotional time. Your goal is emotional serenity and peace, and in this self-hypnosis session you will learn how to relax during tense or emotional circumstances. Positive Emotional Management self-hypnosis will teach you how to let stress pass through you, like air through a screen. Allow Laura to help you learn the art of relaxation and positive visualization; you will learn to feed your subconscious mind the powerful, positive suggestions that will help you manage stressful events.

    Positive Emotional Management self-hypnosis is perfect for anyone going through surgery of any type, required or elective, or any illness. Managing your emotions the right way is very important for your healing process, allowing the stresses and fear to pass through you, instead of holding it inside. Start listening to Laura’s Positive Emotional Management self-hypnosis recording as soon as possible, and listen often to reinforce the effects. Download our flyer here!

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