This is ebook is  designed to help replace a “losing” mentality with the winning edge. Full of valuable advice and illustrated with examples of how the author has helped well-known equestrians. The Power To Win is a valuable tool for all competitive or recreational riders-indeed, any athlete-at any level, as well as for instructors and parents.

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    Laura King is the Director and Founder of Summit Dynamics, LLC and is a certified hypnotist and certified sport hypnotist. Laura has been studying human performance, behavior modifi cation, and wellness for over 25 years. Using her unique combination of hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching, Laura is able to help individuals with even the most difficult of issues to create positive and lasting changes. Laura has coached Olympians and worked with the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program, the Robert Dover Horsemastership Program, and Lendon Gray’s Dressage4Kids program. She has been an enthusiastic member of the equestrian community since she was a teenager. One of the most frequent challenges faced by equestrians is how to improve their performance. They often express frustration over the reality that despite their peak physical abilities, they consistently get out-performed by the competition. Why does this happen? Because no amount of physical training and expertise will lead to blue ribbons without the proper mental state. Self-doubt, anxiety, and fear, can all cause even the best-trained, best-prepared athletes in all sports to falter. Using self-hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Laura Boynton King teaches the reader how to identify thought patterns and behaviors that are limiting and that negatively affect performance. Readers go from dwelling on past failures to sharpening their focus on what they can think and do to enhance their skills and outcomes. Whether you suffer from fear of physical injury or performance anxiety, The Power to Win will replace your losing mentality with a winning edge. Laura King’s valuable step-by-step process is for all levels of competitors as well as recreational riders in search of greater enjoyment.

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