Awesome Tennis Series 720

Awesome Tennis Series 720


Play your best tennis by winning the mental game. Laura’s Awesome Tennis self-hypnosis series relaxes your body and mind, releases performance anxiety and teaches you to completely focus on your game.

  • Imagine serving and returning the ball correctly without hours of practice
  • Control your mind and improve your game overnight
  • Stop analyzing the faults in your game
  • Start to feel and “know” what you want when you grip your racket
  • Learn to stay “in the moment” – Return every volley with confidence
  • Learn techniques to release anger and frustration when you make mistakes
  • Outside distractions and past difficulties cease to register
  • Place every shot like a pro and play your best tennis ever

This Awesome Tennis Series includes:
Cool, Calm and Collected
Gaining Concentration
Achieving Peak Performance
Mastering Fear
Positive Self-Talk
Releasing Performance Anxiety

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