Smart Health for Life

Access the power within you to lead a healthier, happier life! Hypnosis for health can help you learn to reduce stress levels and channel your energies toward positive, productive and healing behaviors. You can:

  •  Stop smoking with Hypnosis
  •  Stop or Limit Drinking with Hypnosis
  •  Stop Excessive Video Gaming with Hypnosis
  •  Stop Nail Biting with Hypnosis
  •  Stop Compulsive Disorders with Hypnosis

Hypnosis for health will enable you to break free from long held habits and overcome the addictions that have been keeping your from living the life you desire.

More and more medical doctors are prescribing hypnosis as a part of their treatment programs for:

  •  Diabetes
  •  IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  •  Eating Disorders

Hypnosis for health has proven to be effective for those suffering for these ailments by fostering relaxation, reducing anxiety and promoting smart food choices that can help to relieve the symptoms associated with these conditions. Laura wrote and recorded each of these self-hypnosis sessions based on sound research and proven methods to help you overcome these health issues and live a healthy and productive life.

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  • Free Peace and Positivity 762


    Start listening today and find Peace and Positivity in Today’s World. t’s time to let go of all of those toxic messages and find inner peace and positivity.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Diabetics 967


    Being diagnosed with diabetes can be frightening, but there is much you can do to manage your blood sugar naturally. Laura’s Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Diabetics self-hypnosis is a must for your treatment regime. Listen daily for at least 21 days to embed new, productive habits into your subconscious mind and start living a healthy lifestyle for the diabetic, making self-care your number one priority.

  • Letting Go of Eating Disorder (3 CDs) 963

    from $51.00

    Eating disorders can start at an early age, and may start as innocently as eating smaller or larger quantities of food. At some point, however, the urge to eat less or more spiraled out of control, and/or your concern about your body weight and shape became severe distress. Your eating disorder affects every area of your life, and it is time take the action of Letting Go of Eating Disorders. Laura created a series of three self-hypnosis sessions that will help you let go of your eating disorder and live a happy and fulfilling life again.

    3 MP3s - $51.00 or 3 CDs - $73.47

  • Overcoming Gaming Addiction (2 CDs) 971


    Internet gaming addiction is a compulsive behavior pattern that can interfere with normal living and often causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones and even one's school or work environment. Laura created the Overcoming Gaming Addiction self-hypnosis series to help break the hypnotic hold video games have on the user. Yes, video games put the user in a mild state of highly focused relaxation called Alpha, a light hypnotic state that causes time distortion. Overcome Video Gaming Addiction and start living life again!

  • Peace and Positivity 762

    from $17.00


  • Relief for IBS (2 CDs) 969

    from $34.00

    More and more doctors are prescribing hypnosis for relief of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Laura created her Relief for IBS self-hypnosis series specifically for those suffering the anxiety of living with IBS. Start listening today by downloading the MP3 self-hypnosis session and feel a sense of relief as you listen to Laura’s soothing voice help you with developing healthy eating habits. Learn at a deep subconscious level how to relax and release stress. Doctors know it works, so take the step now for your health!

    2 MP3s - $34.00 or 2 CDs - $47.47

  • Stop Drinking, Be Healthy (3 CDs) 965

    from $51.00

    Although having a glass or two of red wine has been shown to be beneficial to your health, many find it hard to stop at just that. Overindulging in alcohol can become an addiction leading to health issues and family and financial problems. Laura created this three session self-hypnosis series to help you Stop Drinking, and Be Healthy. Click on the product for a complete description.

  • Stop Nail Biting 961

    from $17.00

    Nail biting can start innocently enough, but often grows into a nervous compulsion. You are ashamed of your mangled fingers, and hide your hands. Letting go of this compulsion is made easier with Laura’s Stop Nail Biting self-hypnosis recording. To learn more about this self-hypnosis session simply click on the product. Take control and Stop Nail Biting today!

  • Stop Smoking 741

    from $27.00

    Laura makes it easier to stop smoking with her Stop Smoking self-hypnosis recording. Listen at least 21 times to this self-hypnosis session to create new pathways in your powerful subconscious mind, breaking the habit once and for all. Feel good about yourself and notice how easily you quit your old smoking habit without gaining any weight!

    MP3 $27 - CD $47.47

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