Overcoming Gaming Addiction (2 CDs) 971

Overcoming Gaming Addiction (2 CDs) 971

Internet gaming addiction is a compulsive behavior pattern that can interfere with normal living and often causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones and even one's school or work environment. Laura created the Overcoming Gaming Addiction self-hypnosis series to help break the hypnotic hold video games have on the user. Yes, video games put the user in a mild state of highly focused relaxation called Alpha, a light hypnotic state that causes time distortion. Overcome Video Gaming Addiction and start living life again!


Video gaming has become pervasive in today’s society and has proven to be highly addictive for certain individuals. Although Video Game Addiction has not been officially classified as a psychological disorder, it has been compared by some scholars to compulsive gambling, which is an impulse control disorder. What any person who has a compulsive gamer in their home knows is that extreme use of video games interferes with daily life. Laura’s Overcoming Video Gaming Addiction self-hypnosis series of two self-hypnosis sessions uses a gradual step-by-step program that utilizes visualization and relaxation techniques designed to help individuals let go of their addiction to gaming.

For all video gaming addicts, the Internet becomes an unhealthy escape from reality and can eventually alienate the player from the people and activities they cherish most. Through Laura’s Overcoming Video Gaming Addiction, players can reclaim control of their life and begin focusing on creating a successful life in the real world. Laura uses direct suggestions to break connections to the compulsive playing habit patterns, empowering the listener to make healthier emotional, mental and physical life choices.

If you, or a loved, one spend too much time playing video games, take action now to take back control of your life! Listen to each self-hypnosis session 21 times for the best results. Listening as you go to sleep is an excellent way to make changes, but no matter when you choose to listen, start today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis sessions! Take control of your life again.

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