Perfect Enough Complete Package 1011

Perfect Enough Complete Package 1011

Learn the eight keys of the DISCOVER Process and sustain permanent change with the Perfect Enough Complete Package. Maximize your DISCOVER Process with the Perfect Enough Book, Perfect Enough Companion Book, and the eight volume DISCOVER Process CD set.



You save $30.00 (12%)!

By Programing both the conscious and unconscious mind, Laura finds that individuals are able to master and maximize each keys effortlessly and automatically. The result is the unique ability to craft and execute your inner road map with choices that ensure happiness, health, and total fulfillment.

  • Laura King uses Perfect Enough to introduce highly-practical concepts and self-hypnosis scripts essential to the discover process.
  • Her accompanying Companion Book is an easy-to-follow workbook that provides invaluable tips and action steps to coach you through each of the eight keys of the DISCOVER Process.
  • Finally, sustain permanent change and maximize your DISCOVER Process with a set of eight self-hypnosis CDs that turbocharge your subconscious. Also included is a set of eight listening CDs to reinforce the concepts at the conscious level.

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