Perfect Enough Key 2: Self-Talk

Perfect Enough Key 2: Self-Talk

$17.00 — $27.47

Disk 1: This CD teaches you how to consciously discover your ability to change your internal dialogue from denigrating to elevating. Laura gives you step-by-step instruction through the DISCOVER PROCESS that will allow you to recognize your negative and/or self limiting thoughts.She then provides you with techniques to cancel and replace old patterns with positive words

Disk two: (Relaxation CD) This CD helps you to be more aware of your internal dialogue , and how to program your self talk in your conscious and subconscious.

“Using positive affirmations is a remarkably simple way to change your self talk.You talk to yourself in a positive way, and with a bit of persistence, your subconscious mind changes its habits and your self talk becomes more positive!”  -Kevin John

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