Perfect Enough – Maximize Your Discover Process 1009

Perfect Enough - Maximize Your Discover Process 1009

Maximize your Discover Process, empower, and sustain permanent change by programing 100% of your mind. This 8 volume, 16 disc edition will teach you the eight keys to unlocking your full potential.


By programming both the conscious and subconscious mind, individuals are able access 100% of their brain’s power. This breakthrough in self-development allows the listener to master and maximize each key effortlessly and automatically.

This 16 CDs set, plus 3 Bonus CDs will turbo-charge your subconscious and reinforce the concepts at the conscious level. This complete set is a ($520.00 value)!


Maximize your DISCOVER Process with the 8 Keys:

  • Key #1 – Self-Confidence: From Insecure to Empowered
  • Key#2 – Self-Talk: From Denigrating to Determination
  • Key #3 – Persistence: From Hesitation to Determination
  • Key #4 – Life & Aliveness: From Lifelessness to Vitality
  • Key #5 – Health: From Illness to Wellness
  • Key #6 – Love: From Worthless to Valuable
  • Key #7 – Prosperity: From Scarcity to Abundance
  • Key #8 – Meaning: From Insignificant to Purpose


  • All About Hypnosis, NLP, Natural Laws
  • Do It All
  • Feel Good Be Happy
Each Key Set includes 2 CD’s:
CD #1:
Guides & Tips for the Conscious Mind (12%)
CD #2:
Relaxation Session for the Subconscious Mind (88%)

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