Experience the comfort of quality sound without headphones. Private listening in total comfort at bedtime sometimes is not easy - particularly if you share your bedroom with someone else. And headphones are not always the best alternative.



PillowsonicTM stereo pillow speakers were designed to be enjoyed at bed time, to bring you private listening in total comfort without entangling ear buds or headphones.

Developed in 2001, PillowsonicTM has been the best-selling pillow speaker ever since, with hundreds of thousands of units sold and satisfied customers the world over.

PillowsonicTM is built with quality speakers that deliver crystal-clear sounds at gentle, safe volume levels. Even when used with a thick pillow, sound is perfectly clear and spreads throughout, allowing you to toss and turn freely yet without missing a beat. And they are so thin, you’d never know there is anything under your pillow — except for the sound that softly emerges, caressing your senses and providing a surprisingly different, pleasant experience in private listening.

Slip a PillowsonicTM under your pillow, connect it to your iPod, MP3, CD or tape player, radio, TV, radio/alarm clock, or stereo, and experience the incomparable soothing sensation in total comfort.

(MP3 Player Sold Separately)


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