Relaxation to Get Pregnant 755

Relaxation to Get Pregnant 755

$17.00 — $27.47

Sometimes the fear of failure, fear of childbirth, of parenting, or other subconscious barriers make conceiving difficult; and each time the pregnancy test is negative, those triggers become more anchored in the subconscious. Laura’s Relaxation to Get Pregnant self-hypnosis helps the subconscious mind release fears of pregnancy and motherhood and prepares the mind for pregnancy.

After years of avoiding pregnancy, many women are not physically or emotionally conditioned to conceive. Listening to Relaxation to Get Pregnant self-hypnosis regularly will train your subconscious mind to release deep-seated patterns of avoidance and fears of pregnancy. As you relax into joyous anticipation of motherhood, feelings of nurturing and relaxation will promote ovulation. Embrace your fertility and prepare yourself for a healthy, radiant pregnancy.

We recommend that you listen at least 21 times for the best results, so start tonight with our easy to download MP3.

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