Stop Drinking, Be Healthy (3 CDs) 965

Stop Drinking, Be Healthy (3 CDs) 965

Although having a glass or two of red wine has been shown to be beneficial to your health, many find it hard to stop at just that. Overindulging in alcohol can become an addiction leading to health issues and family and financial problems. Laura created this three session self-hypnosis series to help you Stop Drinking, and Be Healthy. Click on the product for a complete description.

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3 CD Self-Hypnosis Series:

  • Desire to Quit
  • Stop Drinking
  • Be Healthy

This 3-CD self-hypnosis set is a gradual step-by-step program
that utilizes visualization and relaxation techniques designed to
help individuals let go of their addiction to alcohol. As the listener
nurtures a new identity of being a non-drinker and of being sober,
they develop an understanding of their inner strength and
natural ability to choose a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

CD # 1 Desire to Quit
Desire to Quit addresses alcohol’s effect on the distortion
of authentic self; allowing the listener to practice honest
self-acceptance and self-care. Suggestions for feeling good
through addressing unreal expectations or ideas of perfection
that comes from the disease of alcohol addiction. Breaking old
habits and self talk and bringing awareness to how drinking
affects your life. The listener will learn that alcohol is of no use
to them and is really a habit without a basis in reality.

CD #2 Stop Drinking
Stop Drinking works to break the habit based
connections between triggering events, situations and feelings
linked to the destructive behavior. The listener now adopts
a new identity of being a non-drinker and sober. As the
individual chooses positive ways to relax and respond to life,
a sense of inner strength and accomplishment develop around
their new commitment to health.

CD # 3 Be Healthy
Finally, Be Healthy, allows the listener to uncover and release
the self-sabotaging thought
patterns created by their addiction to alcohol. Unrealistic
expectations of perfectionism are now replaced with a desire to
stop drinking and be sober. Suggestions for inner confidence and
a more positive mental attitude empower the individual to focus
on becoming healthy and balanced.

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