Achieve Lasting Changes In Your Thoughts, Habits And Behavior

With The Remarkable Power of Subliminal Affirmations!

Summit Subliminals™ Audio CD Series – Created to Retrain the chatter in your brain!™

Summit Subliminals™ audio recordings are designed for use while driving, walking, cooking, or just relaxing, as a tool to create powerful and lasting change in your life. Each CD set has awesome affirmations taken directly from the matching Laura King Hypnosis Series, created and recorded by renowned Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Life Coach, Laura King. Summit Subliminals™ are recorded using our subliminal audio technology, and all you will consciously hear is soothing music. The subliminal affirmations play outside of your conscious hearing range and powerfully penetrate into your subconscious mind.

With Laura’s knowledge of how the brain functions, she realized that while subliminal affirmations are a potent way to take her clients to the next level, she needed to offer more. So with each set you will also receive a conscious level audio recording of the affirmations spoken audibly over soothing music. Listening to Laura King’s audible positive affirmations repeat like a mantra will act on your conscious mind as well as your subconscious, allowing you to more readily adopt these new thoughts as your own; and, unlike our self-hypnosis recordings, you can listen anytime – even while driving!

Although Summit Subliminals™ may be used by as a standalone method for creating powerful change, we recommend listening to Summit Subliminals™ alongside the matching Laura King Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis CDs to allow for even more rapid changes in your thinking patterns. Let us help you achieve the lasting changes you want!

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  • Equestrian Peak Performance Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5509


    Relax on your horse, gain riding confidence, cast away your fears and self-doubt, sharpen your competitive concentration. Add Summit Subliminals™ to your training regimen of "self-hypnosis" and your regular practice sessions to achieve remarkable results!

  • Ideal Body Image Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5511


    The secret to achieving and maintaining your ideal body image lies locked within your own mind - your subconscious mind; and this CD set contains the key. Laura King’s Summit Subliminals™ Ideal Body Image CD set will refocus your inner thoughts so you can release self-criticism, anger and fear and replace them with a healthy attitude about your body.

  • Increasing Memory Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5593


    Tap into the incredible potential that your mind has to offer with Laura King's Increasing Memory "self-hypnosis" CD and her Summit Subliminals™ audible and subliminal audio affirmations. Make listening a habit and notice how others react to your amazing improved memory.

  • Motivation Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5589


    You are unique, and what motivates you is unique to you! Find that inner fire again, and feel inspired as you live each day. Start listening today to get out of the rut and back in the groove

  • Perfect Enough Book Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5000


    Relax about who you are and where you are, and start transforming your life today! Put the Perfect Enough book and CD/MP3 series at the top of your self-help "to do" list and create the powerful change you want in your life.

  • Prosperity Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5595


    Prosperity is many things, starting with money, and we attract it with our thoughts, feelings, emotions and action! Start creating the kind of life you want by listening daily to Laura King's Prosperity "self-hypnosis" CD and her Summit Subliminals™ audible and subliminal audio affirmations. Make listening a habit to create measureable change!

  • Weight Loss Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations 5510


    Throw all your diet books in the trash. Start creating the body you want today using the power of your mind with Laura King's Weight Loss self-hypnosis series and her Summit Subliminals™ audible and subliminal audio affirmations. How is this different? This is the missing link in your dream of creating a healthier lifestyle once and for all. Laura will instill in you the confidence and resolve to stay the course and achieve and maintain your ideal weight goal.Tap into the incredible potential of your mind. Make listening a habit and notice how you automatically make choices that are conducive to achieving your ideal body. Also consider purchasing the Ideal Body Image Summit Subliminals™ CD set.

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