If Billiards is your game, Laura’s hypnosis series for Billiards is your new secret weapon. Your improved skills will amaze your opponents as you remain relaxed and are able to focus no matter the external distractions. You already know all the rules of the game – Laura’s self-hypnosis sessions simply start by relaxing your body and mind to a state of receptiveness; and she then works with your subconscious mind to release ingrained negative thought patterns so you can replace them with patterns of success. Play like a professional with Laura’s Billiards self-hypnosis session, created for professional Billiards players!

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  • Concentration for Billiards 656

    from $17.00

    Gain greater focus, letting all external stimuli fall away as you play your best Billiards ever. Laura’s Concentration for Billiards self-hypnosis will help you prepare your mind through relaxation, imagery and suggestion to gain greater focus and concentration as you play.

  • Improve Your Billiard Skills 655

    from $17.00

    All great athletes rehearse their performance in their mind to create the results they desire. Make your mental rehearsal count with Laura’s Improve Your Billiard Skills self-hypnosis. Retrain your subconscious mind to hold your best skills at ready for every game.

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

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