Clay Shooting Gaining Concentration & Focus


Become more successful during practice and during competing by improving your powers of concentration. Laura gives you the tools to lead yourself to a place of quiet focus and be totally in the moment as you shoot your clays. Each moment of your preparation and pre-shot routine contributes to your outcome. You are relaxed and keenly in tune with the target as you execute your shot. This MP3 presents you with ways to override any outside influences or distractions to be able to lock focus on the clay and how you are going to perform with excellence.

Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 of Clay Shooting Gaining Concentration & Focus.

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Laura’s Clay Shooting Gaining Concentration & Focus self-hypnosis will teach you to focus by improving your power of concentration at a deep subconscious level. As you become more self-aware and self-disciplined, your shooting will improve. You will be more relaxed and shoot with more precision!


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