Football Punting & Kicking


What can a hypnotist teach you about football punting and kicking? Laura’s amazing Football Punting and Kicking self-hypnosis session will retrain your powerful subconscious mind to relax, releasing all tension and performance anxiety. You will learn to perform perfect kicks and punts through visualization techniques resulting in increased performance during every game.

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Listening to Laura’s Football Punting and Kicking self-hypnosis repeatedly will teach the technique of mental rehearsal. You are what you think you are; and all great athletes rehearse their performance in their mind to create the results they desire. Through the repetition of hypnotic suggestion, you too can communicate with your subconscious mind and program your football experience for success. Learn to prepare your mind through relaxation, imagery, and suggestion in order to gain greater focus and concentration. You will learn to consistently have a more relaxed performance; and as a result you will play better. So, yes, a hypnotist CAN help you improve your football skills!

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