Weight Loss

How Can 6 CD/MP3s and 1 DVD Help You Succeed Where So Many Diets Have Failed?

Why is Laura’s Hypnosis for Weight Loss different from all the rest? Because the Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit for Life self-hypnosis series is not a diet at all. Instead, it is the missing link in your dream of creating a healthier lifestyle once and for all. Laura will instill in you the confidence and resolve to stay the course and achieve and maintain your ideal weight goal.

Learn to:

  •  Convert years of unhealthy habits and behaviors into a life-long commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  •  Make healthy eating choices automatically
  •  Develop a positive self-image
  •  Speed up your metabolism
  •  Be inspired to exercise

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  • Be Fit for Life Exercise DVD 637


    BONUS DVD – Be Fit for Life Exercise was specially designed to be used along with Laura’s Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit self-hypnosis series.

  • Be Fit Mentally for Weight Loss 631

    from $17.00

    Let Laura reprogram your toxic attitudes that you hold about yourself with Be Fit Mentally self-hypnosis. Stop overeating when stress piles on, and start feeling good about who you are now. Learn to appreciate yourself and watch as the weight drops off.

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Be Your Best 633

    from $17.00

    Who doesn’t want to Be Your Best? Laura will give you the tools to change your habits and become a self-starter. Start listening to Be Your Best self-hypnosis today!

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Companion Workbook Complete Weight Loss 639


    The Companion Workbook for Complete Weight Loss was designed to be used alongside Laura’s Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit for Life self-hypnosis series. Maximize your experience by using this workbook as you listen to Laura’s self-hypnosis sessions for weight loss.

  • Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit for Life Series 623


    Save over $50.00! Buy this 6 CD 1 DVD series and receive a BONUS CD - Motivation to Exercise (Personal Keys). Total value: $220.00.

  • Courage to Let Go 635

    from $17.00

    Most of us drag the pieces of the past around with us without even realizing it. We have hidden agendas and self-defeating patterns that control our behavior without even know it! Letting go of those anchors is easy with Laura’s Courage to Let Go self-hypnosis session. Let Laura retrain your brain to release these harmful thought patterns, and create new pathways in your subconscious mind to allow you to move forward easily and effortlessly.

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Healthy Eating for Weight Loss 625

    from $17.00

    With fast food and restaurants that are so accessible, it is easy to get in the habit of eating poorly. Laura’s Healthy Choices, Ideal Weight self-hypnosis session is designed to help you learn to make healthy and nutritious food choices to fuel your body for optimum performance. When you feel good, it is easier to reach your ideal weight.

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Ideal Body Image for Weight Loss 629

    from $17.00

    How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Angry or critical? Laura’s Ideal Body Image self-hypnosis will refocus your inner thoughts so you can release self-criticism, anger and fear and replace them with a healthy attitude about your body. Love yourself and see how quickly you achieve the body you desire!

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Motivation to Be Fit Screen Saver 641


    Need a little extra motivation? We created a screen saver with photographs and weight loss affirming messages.

  • Speeding up your Metabolism 627

    from $17.00

    Increase your metabolism to burn calories faster by listening to Laura’s Speeding up Your Metabolism self-hypnosis. In just 20 minutes a day, your body will learn to metabolize calories at a higher rate by turning food and drink into useful energy!

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

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