Become Your Personal Best


As an equestrian, you probably know how important the mental aspect is in your sport. But have you ever thought about how your thoughts and mindset can really impact your success? Many riders understand the fundamentals of a strong mental game but struggle to put it into practice consistently. That's where Laura King's teachings and mental training techniques come in. They offer equestrians a clear path to turn knowledge into action, taking their mental game to new levels. With a resilient mental game, you can stay calm, focused, and self-assured under pressure, visualize and execute your rides with precision, and navigate unexpected challenges with a positive outlook. Your mindset holds undeniable influence over your success in equestrian competitions.

The Power To Win

The Power To Win is a personal coaching companion to your equestrian training. You already have everything you need within you. Power to Win will remind you, quiet the storm, and keep you focused on your personal best!

Emotional Intelligence for Trainers & Coaches

What if I told you that the only thing standing in your way of being the best trainer you can be, and getting your students to their peak performance level, was your own mind? And what if I told you it was EASY to change the framework of your mind that’s making you stand in your own way? Well, it is! But you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them.


This course contains videos, self-hypnosis MP3s, and a wealth of reading materials to facilitate your journey as a top-notch trainer. Laura will show you how hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and the right mindset will get you exactly where you want to be. Let Laura be your guide to achieving all your Equestrian trainer goals – and don’t be surprised if your newfound confidence, knowledge, poise, commitment, and level of ease in your day-to-daypractices spills over into all facets of your life! You are more than capable, and you are worth it!


Release equestrian sports performance anxiety and give yourself permission to win!

Research has shown that physical stamina accounts for just 20% of sports performance while the remaining 80% is attributed to mental stamina. Equestrian sports hypnosis can give you the mental and physical edge you need to ride your very best every time you enter the ring or event course. By learning to automatically relax your body and remain calm and focused throughout your ride, you’ll become more in tune with your horse and better able to guide him/her to achieve peak performance.

Equestrian sports hypnosis can also help you let go of past failures, build confidence in your riding abilities and trust your horse’s natural athletic talent to clear a course of fences, perform a complicated pattern or successfully navigate a complex obstacle.

Don’t Let All Your Training, All Your Practice Go To Waste – Prepare Your Mind As Well As Your Body


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