Freestyle Relaxation to Dance


Laura’s amazing Freestyle Relaxation to Dance self-hypnosis session will retrain your powerful subconscious mind to relax, releasing all tension and performance anxiety. You will learn to perform perfectly through visualization techniques resulting in increased performance during every show.

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Mental pressure creates muscle tension. Peak performance as a dressage rider is accessed by mind-body relaxation. Laura’s Freestyle Relaxation to Dance self-hypnosis is designed to help improve your freestyle techniques and ability to connect with your horse. Listening often will strengthen your ability to relax and breathe by positive suggestions specifically designed for the dressage rider. You will find it easy to physically and mentally release unwanted muscle tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peacefulness and harmony within the mind and body. This helps to produce a smooth, effortless, and relaxed body for more fluid communication between horse and rider, and ultimately a more pleasurable ride.

Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 of Freestyle Relaxation to Dance self-hypnosis for the dressage rider.

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