Inspiring Positive Transformations

Bringing about change through hypnosis is automatic and easier than you think. However, most self-development or self-help programs fail becase they just work with concious mind and short- term tools such as inspiring change through rational thinking and willpower. Laura King uses the most advanced techniques and latest technology to access your subconscious mind, which houses your emotions, long-term habits, and is responsile for 88% of your behavior.



When you schedule an appointment, Laura King will work intimately with you to make the positive life transforms you are looking for. Regardless of whether you need to shed pounds or quit smoking, further develop your connections, your golf match-up, or your presentation at work, dispose of fears, and then some, we will work intimately with you to roll out the positive improvements you desire

Hypnosis allows us to reach the subconscious mind to make changes permanent so you can maximize your life potential, no matter the stage of life and no matter your age. We work with children as young as 2-3 years old, teenagers, adults, and seniors to make their lives more productive and happy.




Hypnosis provides a gateway to the awesome healing powers of your subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, you’ll learn life-changing relaxation and visualization techniques that can help you release negative energy, emotions, and thought patterns to replace them with expectations of success, happiness, and well-being. With hypnosis, you’ll become better equipped to manage your life circumstances, change unwanted behaviors, and create the outcomes you desire. Hypnosis has proven to be an effective treatment for myriad issues:



When you schedule an appointment, Laura King will work closely with you to make the positive life changes you are seeking. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your relationships, equestrian performance, golf game, or performance at work. If you need to get rid of phobias, work through an illness, anxiety, PTSD, ad more, Laura King will work closely with you to make the positive changes you desire.

Laura King will create a personalized program that utilizes Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you eliminate unwanted habits, resolve issues, and become the person you long to be. Hypnotherapy sessions are 50 minutes long. Each hypnotherapy session will improve your quality of life and facilitate your healing process by removing the unique obstacles that prevent your mind and body from working together.

Laura King, Director and founder of Summit Hypnosis and Wellness and Summit Press, is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Laura is also a Certified Sports Therapist who works with Olympians, professional athletes, and aspiring athletes and their parents. Her work with the equestrian community is renowned in the industry.

Cancer Care / Wellness

Managing Illness

Maximize your treatment potential

Preparing for surgery

Comfort management / pain reduction

Positive emotional management

Thriving after illness

Women's Issues

Improve relationship skills

Become and stay pregnant

Minimize symptoms of IBS

Boost Your Sex Drive

Be an efficient and diplomatic partner/parent

Managing Illness

Sports Performance

Become a confident cheerleader

Compete effectively as a show dog handler

Improve performance in all sporting endeavors

Post-Traumatic Stress

Insomnia & nightmares

Anxiety & fear

Intrusive thoughts and flashbacks

Depression & hopelessness

Health & Wellness

Dealing with chronic illness (i.e. Diabetes, IBS, etc.)

Effectively handling stress

Overcoming eating disorders

Eliminating addictive behaviors

Making healthy choices

Banishing fears and phobias

Grief & Caretaking Responsibilities

Healthy grieving

Moving beyond grief

Self-Care for the Caretaker

Equestrian Sports

Release performance anxiety

Gain concentration and focus

Attain relaxation and balance

Become more in tune with your horse

Achieve peak performance


Release performance anxiety

Tune out distractions and mental chatter

Recall and consistently reproduce your perfect swing

Eliminate slices and hooks

Putt with confidence


Stress management

Increasing motivation

Creating prosperity and abundance

Public speaking

Interviewing successfully