Phone, FaceTime and Zoom


Now you can enjoy the benefits of our certified hypnotists’ expertise no matter where you are! Summit Hypnosis and Wellness also offers phone, FaceTime and Zoom hypnosis sessions, enabling you to connect with our certified hypnotists from the location of your choice. Zoom is a free online video conferencing platform that has been revolutionizing the way people interact. During your Zoom hypnosis session, you and your hypnotist will be able to see, hear and communicate with each other just as you would in person, even though you may be miles away.



Over the years, my experience is the client is more relaxed and less stressed going into a session and also gets into a relaxed state quicker when they are in the comfort of the client's own home. Based on this discovery, I have transitioned my business to be fully online/virtual/remote.


Virtual/online sessions are conducted via phone, FaceTime and Zoom (audio and/or video). It is  recommended to join Zoom via a laptop/tablet with a handsfree device.  Please ensure you have a solid WiFi or data connection prior to your appointment to help avoid technology glitches and ensure a productive virtual session.

  1. Your mobile phone/laptop/smart watches/devices: Please have your ringer and alerts set to silent mode (not vibrate mode).

  2. Zoom: We will email you a zoom link and password an hour before your session begins.

  3. Laptop / Tablet: the use of a laptop / tablet will be needed for the session. If you plan to use a tablet, please ensure it has a stand/ability to prop up the device so it's hands-free. Mute (not vibe mode) the volume on the laptop/tablet during the session.

  4. Hands-free device: A headset / handsfree device is preferred and highly recommended to use during the session. Speakerphone is not recommended.

  5. Phone / FaceTime: We will contact you with the phone number that was provided to our staff, 10 minutes after the hour.

Virtual sessions available:

• Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – 50 minute session
• Life Coaching – 50 minute session

To make an appointment, call (561) 841-7603.


Does Summit Hypnosis accept insurance?

At this time, we only accept out-of-pocket payment. We do not accept insurance, but don't let that stop you! Superbills are available.  A superbill is a statement of services rendered with completed payments. Superbills are created for clients at no extra charge, at any time, just ask! You can submit these to your insurance company for “out of network” reimbursement. If you have one, your Health Spending Account (HSA) may help in covering these costs. Please contact your insurance company for more information. We do not guarantee this will work for all insurance providers. 

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