Now you can enjoy the benefits of our certified hypnotists’ expertise no matter where you are! Summit Hypnosis and Wellness also offers phone and Skype hypnosis sessions, enabling you to connect with our certified hypnotists from the location of your choice. Skype is a free online video conferencing and voice call platform that has been revolutionizing the way people interact. During your Skype hypnosis session, you and your hypnotist will be able to see, hear, and communicate with each other just as you would in person, even though you may be miles away.

    Sessions available via phone or Skype:

    • Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – 50 minute session
    • Life Coaching with Laura King, CHT, NLP, Life Coach – 50 minute session
    • Personal CD – after filling out a brief written questionnaire, you may have the one-on-one conversation about the content of your personal CD via the phone or Skype.

    To make an appointment for a private phone or Skype consultation, call (561) 841-7603.
    For more information about Skype or to register for a free Skype account, visit