Improve Athletic Performance


Don’t let all your training, all your practice go to waste – Prepare your mind as well as your body with Laura’s Improve Athletic Performance self-hypnosis.

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All great athletes rehearse their performance mentally. In fact, research has shown that physical stamina accounts for just 20% of sports performance while the remaining 80% is attributed to mental stamina. Sports hypnosis can give you the mental and physical edge you need to perform your very best every time.

By listening to Laura’s Improve Athletic Performance self-hypnosis repeatedly, you will learn the technique of mental rehearsal to erase internal doubts. You will learn powerful visualization techniques and excel in your chosen sport or activity. Find yourself quickly letting go of errors and easily overcoming external distractions. Through hypnotic suggestion, you will develop unstoppable confidence to achieve peak performance.

Sports hypnosis can also help you let go of past failures, build confidence in your abilities and trust your natural athletic talent. Start listening today with our easy to download MP3.

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