Gaining Concentration Cheerleading


Laura’s Gaining Concentration self-hypnosis will teach you to focus by improving your power of concentration at a deep subconscious level. As you become more self-aware and self-disciplined in cheerleading, you will find that you are having more fun as a cheerleader.

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Become more successful in training and in performances by improving your powers of concentration. Laura’s Gaining Concentration self-hypnosis is designed to help you focus on the preparation of a good performance, where distractions inside your head are non-existent and outside distractions do not register. As you listen to Laura’s Gaining Concentration self-hypnosis repeatedly, you will become more consistent every time you perform because you will have increased self-discipline, self-awareness, and concentration. You will have more fun while cheering in any training session and at any competition.

Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 of Gaining Concentration self-hypnosis for cheerleading.

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