Basic Relaxation Cheerleading


Mental pressure while cheerleading creates muscle tension that can hamper your best performance. Learn to relax your mind and body before, during, and after cheerleading events with Laura’s Basic Relaxation self-hypnosis for cheerleading.

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Mental pressure creates muscle tension. Peak performance is achieved by the relaxation of mind and body. Basic Relaxation self-hypnosis is designed for daily stress reduction. As you listen you will physically and mentally release unwanted tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peacefulness and harmony. Using deep breathing techniques to progressively relax all parts of the body, the cheerleader is introduced to this mental key which helps to produce a smooth, effortless, easy, and relaxed body for a more enjoyable performance.

Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 of Basic Relaxation self-hypnosis for cheerleading.

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