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Performance anxiety is a normal part of cheerleading, but it doesn’t have to affect your cheerleading performance. Laura’s Release Performance Anxiety self-hypnosis is designed to help you stay in the present moment with your full attention and focus, so that you can be your best at cheerleading.

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All athletes and performers experience some degree of performance anxiety. Laura’s Release Performance Anxiety self-hypnosis is designed for the release of negative emotions, anxiety, and worry that might occur before or during your performing event. Anxiety arises from thoughts about the outcome of the performance you are in and a future that cannot be directly controlled. Through the use of imagery, you will be guided to focus on the present, to perform your routine with full attention, and to take one challenge at a time. Listening to Laura’s Release Performance Anxiety self-hypnosis daily will replace feelings and symptoms of anxiety with feelings of being a winner.

Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 of Release Performance Anxiety self-hypnosis for cheerleading.

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