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All motorcycle racing requires physical strength, stamina, extreme focus, and riding skill, but research has shown that physical stamina accounts for only 20% of sports performance. The other 80% is mental and hypnosis can help! Laura has worked with riders of all styles of motorcycle racing and all levels, including the pros. Listen to Laura’s Motocross Racing self-hypnosis to gain the unbeatable mental advantage.

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Getting to the Motocross Racing Winner’s Circle has a great deal to do with mental preparation, specifically how a motocross racer thinks and feels before the race. Listening to Laura’s Motocross Racing self-hypnosis will help you ride with total conviction, without fear and self-doubt, and learn to consistently ride “in the flow”.

By listening to Motocross Racing self-hypnosis repeatedly, you will learn the technique of mental rehearsal to erase internal doubts. You will quickly let go of errors and easily overcome external distractions. Through hypnotic suggestion, you will develop unstoppable confidence and zone focus for motocross racing. Surpass your moto competitors by training your mind to gain an unbeatable mental advantage.

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