Empower Your Holiday Spirit


The Holidays can be overwhelming with the pressures of “doing everything right.” Let Laura sooth your frayed nerves with her Empower Your Holiday Spirit self-hypnosis recording. Feel the joy and happiness you deserve!

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All of us at Summit Hypnosis and Wellness want you to have a stress free holiday season! Laura has recorded this special holiday CD to bring you joy and happiness during this special time of the year. Rediscover a stress free holiday by listening to Laura’s Empower Your Holiday Spirit.

This CD has been created to help you achieve a wonderful, positive perspective throughout the holiday season. While listening, you will absorb powerful suggestions which will help you obtain a positive and productive state of inner peace and tranquility. It will also teach you to deal with stressful situations and manage them with a confident and serene attitude. Become peaceful and at ease, then you will be able to focus on the joy of the season and be in complete control of any situation.

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