Losing a loved one can put you in a black hole from which it feels there is no escape. This session offers you a way back into the light of life. It “gives yourself back to you” by helping you work through pain, and provides the tools you need to gain the strength and desire to start living your life once again.

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Part of living life is losing loved ones, especially as we get older. Sometimes cancer, a heart attack, a car accident, or suicide may seem to steal a loved one from us prematurely. Death of someone close is a very stressful experience, and after taking care of the immediate business, the magnitude of the loss often crashes in. What do you do then?

Take time to grieve. Stop, sit or lie down, and listen daily to Laura’s guided imagery MP3 download , Grieving. Laura will help ease you through the grieving process by working with your subconscious mind to accept the loss, work through the pain, and give you the mental and emotional strength to live your life again to the fullest.

It may not feel like it now, but you will be ok. Allow Laura to help you through your time of loss. She will help you complete your emotional relationship with your loved one, and help you refocus your life’s energies toward the future once again. We also recommend Feel Good, Be Happy which will help you complete your journey through grief and start living a happy, productive life again.

This item is part of the Moving Through Illness Complete Series. Click here to purchase the complete series.

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