Hypnosis for Moving Through Illness takes you through the seven main areas of concern for those who are ill: managing fear, maximizing treatment potential, dealing with emotions, bolstering the immune system, optimizing sleep, managing pain, and preparing for surgery. Hypnosis has been demonstrated effective in decreasing pain, reducing complications from surgery, lowering the amount of anesthesia needed, eliminating fear and anxiety, and improving the quality sleep.

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    Furthermore, hypnosis can heal your mind’s relationship to your prognosis and help you feel peace and comfort. It can help you concentrate on important matters such as getting your affairs and close relationships in order. It can help put you in a space where you can resolve what had been left unresolved, and in a positive and loving way. Your body might not be in a position to heal, but you can gain physical, mental, and emotional comfort with the use of hypnosis. Your loved ones and caregivers can benefit as well. Hypnosis for Moving Through Illness includes “gifts” for those who lovingly surround you, to support them through care giving and guide them through their grieving. If you are experiencing a major illness or you know someone who is, this CD series is vital to their journey, no matter what their prognosis, no matter what their destination. Get your set today.


    Set Includes:
    Managing Fear
    Maximizing your Treatment Potential
    Positive Emotional Management
    Bolstering your Immune System
    Optimal Sleep
    Managing Pain
    Preparing Surgery
    Support for Caregivers
    Support for Children
    Witnessing Passing
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