Improving Your Immune System


The strength of the immune system directly affects the body’s ability to repair itself. Laura wrote and recorded her Improving Your Immune System self-hypnosis session to help boost your immune system at a deep subconscious level when you are facing challenging health issues.

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Laura gently walks you through mental relaxation and positive energy exercises in her Improving Your Immune System self-hypnosis recording, teaching your mind, body, and spirit to release stress. Listening often creates new pathways in your subconscious mind that automatically allow you to relax, freeing up energy which allows your immune system to work at its highest potential.

Improving Your Immune System is a powerful hypnotic session that helps restore and strengthen your confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself. Your body was created to be self-healing, and you have overcome many illnesses and injuries in your life with ease. Allow your powerful immune system to work with your treatment plan to reach a state of wellness again.

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