Maximizing Your Treatment Potential


You have chosen your doctor, and together you have chosen your treatment plan. Now it is time to Maximize Your Treatment Potential with Laura’s powerful self-hypnosis recording as your guide. Listen often to encourage commitment to the healing path you have chosen.

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Accepting the reality of your present situation and believing in your chosen course of treatment is essential to the healing process. Maximizing Your Treatment Potential self-hypnosis works at a deep subconscious level to urge you to make positive changes in your life. Laura’s Maximize Your Treatment Potential self-hypnosis session reminds you that consistency and dedication in following your treatment plan, as well as a positive, powerful mental outlook will help your body restore itself to vibrant health.

Listen to your physician; and listen to Laura’s Maximizing Your Treatment Potential self-hypnosis session at least 21 times during your course of treatment. Allow your mind and body to work together for healing. Download our flyer here!

This item is part of the Moving Through Illness Complete Series. Click here to purchase the complete series.

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