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Laura King Robert Dover Horsemastership Lecture

Laura King Robert Dover Horsemastership Lecture

Laura King with Robert Dover

Developing Mental Toughness

Achieving Peak Performance – Four Steps to Change Your Mind-Set
Ten Steps for Instilling Confidence in Riders While Saving Your Sanity
Laura’s Process for Creating a Student’s Personal Best
Self-Hypnosis for Cheerleading

The Awesome Cheerleading series is to help people feel better about themselves and perform to the best of their ability. “Cheerleading is one of the most high-pressure sports out there,” King explains, “Because not only can it be lavishly choreographed, but the crowd factor can also be extraordinarily intimidating. Laura can help an athlete to face the most stressful and distracting situation with complete calm and confidence – and to block out everything that is not essential to a great performance.

King has made a reputation for helping athletes and performers of all disciplines overcome their performance anxiety and inhibitive self-image to achieve peak performance. Thus far she has had great success helping equestrian riders, golfers, tennis players, dog handlers, baseball players, and others. Laura helps athletes face the most stressful and distracting situation with complete calm and confidence – and while blocking out everything that is not essential to a great performance.

King is a certified hypnotist and certified sports hypnotist with a full-time practice working with clients both individually and in group sessions. She also is asked to speak to groups and school assemblies, and attends seminars several times a year to continue her education. She was trained at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center and at The Dr. Don Mottin Sports Hypnosis Center, and received her NLP training from Dr. William Horton. She also studied for 24 years under the direction of the late Dorothy Gates, Ph.D, a pioneer in the world of hypnosis and founder of Spectra Dynamics. “I have a passion for showing people how easy it can be to improve their lives, change their bad habits, and start feeling good about themselves,” says King.

THE AWESOME CHEERLEADING SERIES is available for purchase and includes the following:

1. Basic Relaxation for the Cheerleader

This CD/tape is designed for daily stress reduction. Listeners physically and mentally release unwanted tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peacefulness and harmony.

2. Fearless Cheering Internal voices of fear deter athletics from success.

Listening to this CD/tape consistently transforms the voice of past fears and failures during performances into positive, empowering self-talk.

3. Peak Performance – Building Confidence, Poise and Self Image Master the technique of mental rehearsal.

You are what you think you are. Learn to prepare your mind through relaxation, imagery and suggestion and gain greater focus and concentration.

4. Release of Performance Anxiety All athletes and performers experience some degree of performance anxiety.

This CD/tape is designed for the release of negative emotions, anxiety and worry that might occur before or during your performing event.

5. Gaining Concentration for the Cheerleader Become more successful in training and in performances by improving your powers of concentration.

This CD/tape is designed to help you focus on the preparation of a good performance, where distractions inside your head are non-existent and outside distractions do not register.

To schedule an individual appointment, call King at (561) 841-7603 or email her at [email protected] The tapes and CDs are reasonably priced at $19.95 for one or just $89.95 for the five-set program. For ordering information, write to Summit Dynamics, 10625 N Military Trail|Suite 101|Palm Beach Gardens|FL| 33410; call (561) 841-7603. For online ordering and a wealth of additional information and resources, log on to www.summithypnosisandwellness.com

Hypnosis for the Equestrian

Hypnosis for the Equestrian