Staying Pregnant


You are finally pregnant, and now your worries turn to staying pregnant. Releasing this concern is the most important step to staying pregnant, and Laura’s Staying Pregnant self-hypnosis recording will help you do just that.

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Listen regularly to Laura’s Staying Pregnant self-hypnosis will nurture your new identity – a healthy and radiant pregnant woman – through a gradual step-by-step program that utilizes visualization and relaxation techniques designed to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. Staying Pregnant allows you to uncover and release the negative thought patterns that might have made it difficult to stay pregnant in the past. These thought patterns will be replaced by positive and encouraging beliefs about pregnancy, helping you stay healthy and relaxed during your entire pregnancy.

Listening to this self-hypnosis recording you will take control of your pregnancy by remaining healthy and strong. Stay pregnant naturally with hypnosis. Start listening today with our easy to download MP3.

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