The Diplomatic Wife


Being a good wife is easy with Laura’s Diplomatic Wife self-hypnosis session. Simply listen as Laura relaxes you into a receptive state and she will help you release anything in your subconscious that might interfere with your highest potential. Then she will help imprint a new framework for being a good wife, a “Diplomatic Wife”. Your husband will notice, and you will both be happier.

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When you get married, you imagine what a good wife you are going to be and you work hard at doing all the right things. Sometimes even your best efforts end up in arguments, and you have no idea why. What you may not realize is that most of our daily interactions with others, especially those closest to us, are directed automatically by our subconscious mind. Unless you change your inner programming, you cannot change the way you interact with others.

Laura’s Diplomatic Wife self-hypnosis session imprints subconscious values of gratitude, trust, and respect for yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Your communications will soon be based on honestly, the desire to understand your partner, and the desire to create mutually satisfying outcomes. Armed with a spirit of confidence, cooperation, and partnership, intimacy will become your priority and transform your relationship into a passionate and romantic union!

Listen to this self-hypnosis session 21 times, simply following Laura’s instructions, and notice how your interaction with your husband improves. Start today with our easy to download MP3.

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