Phobias & Fears

If you have a debilitating fear or phobia that you would like Laura to help you with, or any changes you would like more personalized help with, consider Laura’s personalized hypnosis CD or MP3 download. Laura will work with you to create a customized hypnosis session, written based on the information you provide, and record the session just for you.

Call 561.841.7603 to order your personalized hypnosis recorded session. Laura will work directly with you to create a Self-Hypnosis session customized to your specific needs and desires. You will begin with a brief questionnaire, followed by a one-on-one session, either in person or on the phone or Skype, with Laura to uncover your key triggers, issues and objectives surrounding your phobias or fears. From this session, Laura will craft your personalized Self-Hypnosis CD or MP3 download with precise words and phrases tailored specifically to you. Personalized Self-Hypnosis recorded sessions allow you to access the life changing hypnosis techniques of Laura King, CHT, NLP, and Life Coach, every day, no matter where you are.

A Personalized Self-Hypnosis recorded session is perfect if your schedule does not allow for regular in-person hypnosis sessions, or you simply want to keep working on your personal development while on vacation or business trips! It’s like having Laura available anytime, anywhere. Your Personalized Self-Hypnosis CD can cover any area of growth or improvement, from improving athletic performance to increasing your income, or from stopping a habit to taking the Bar Exam; anything is possible – evening ridding yourself of a serious phobia or fear. Simply take 30 minutes to listen to your Personalized Self-Hypnosis CD as often as possible (at least once a day), and watch your life transform.

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