Fearless Flying


Do internal voices of paralyzing fear keep you from having a pleasant and enjoyable flight? Are your knuckles white from gripping your chair each time the airplane hits an air pocket? Save yourself from the fear of flying with Laura’s Fearless Flying self-hypnosis session. Listen regularly before and even during your flights. Laura uses imagery and release mechanisms to help you become a relaxed traveler, now and for the rest of your life!


Fear of flying can be paralyzing and make the days leading up to a trip, and your flight, miserable. Laura has hypnotized hundreds of her clients to release this fear, and some of them even went on to become pilots! Laura has packed this self-hypnosis session with her time proven methods for releasing fear of flying, and it costs only a fraction of a personal hypnosis session.

Listening to Laura’s Fearless Flying self-hypnosis session will consistently transform your fear and anxieties into constructive, empowering self-talk. You will be led through a visualization experience to release the negativity of fear from every part of the body, allowing you to have a safe and comfortable flight. With Laura’s help, you will be able to look forward to family vacations, prepare for important meetings, and just relax during your flight.

Skeptical? Harvard Mental Health Letter reported that a significant number of patients afraid of flying were improved or cured after Hypnosis treatment for a fear of flying. Say goodbye to your fear of flying starting today with our easy to download MP3 of Laura’s Fearless Flying self-hypnosis session.

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