No More Seasickness


Seasickness and motion sickness can turn a normally enjoyable experience into a more than memorable disaster. There are over the counter medications that help, but the side effects are not pleasant either. If you want to be free of the unbalanced, lurching and often debilitating feeling of motion sickness or seasickness, listening to Laura’s No More Seasickness self-hypnosis session will help you to become a happy traveler again!

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Not everyone has motions sickness or seasickness, and some only experience it occasionally. Once you have, you think twice about going on a boat again, or traveling by train, plane, or automobile as a passenger. Symptoms can range from feeling unbalanced and unstable to extreme nausea and vomiting. Laura’s No More Seasickness self-hypnosis session will teach you basic relaxation exercises that can help maintain alignment of your body and mind and keep you from getting seasick.

Don’t miss another minute of fun fishing, boating, or traveling by water. Feel confident when you board a train, or get in the passenger seat of a car. Even if you get motion sickness when you fly, Laura’s No More Seasickness self-hypnosis session will create new pathways in your subconscious for you to enjoy traveling again.

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