Complete Wellness Series


This complete series teaches you to use relaxation and positive visualization techniques to greatly speed up recovery and ease pain. Save over $50.00! Buy this 6 CD series and receive a BONUS CD – Love. Total value: $190.00.

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Laura’s Complete Wellness Series uses the proven benefits of self-hypnosis to foster a positive, healthy mind-set that can greatly speed recovery and ease pain. By using the relaxation and positive visualization techniques presented in this series, you will reduce stress, and help your body to work to its maximum potential to achieve Complete Wellness.

Your positive outlook will give you a better chance of conquering your condition or disease. Includes sessions for:

  • Positive Emotional Management
  • Improving Your Immune System
  • Maximizing Your Treatment Potential
  • Sleeping Wonderfully
  • Preparing Your Mind for Surgery
  • Comfort Management / Pain Reduction

Listening to each of these self-hypnosis sessions at least 21 times is extremely important to fully integrate the new, positive thought processes into your subconscious. Medical science has proven that hypnosis is effective, and Laura has made it available for you to use at this trying time in your life. Learn to relax, breathe and release any fears you have, and allow the treatments to work.

Hypnosis for Healing / Hypnosis for Pain

The challenge of facing an illness such as cancer, heart disease or other physical afflictions can overwhelm your emotional health, as well as your immune system. Laura’s hypnosis for healing and hypnosis for pain self-hypnosis recordings are designed to help you through this time. Whether you are preparing for required or elective surgery, or are facing a challenging illness, hypnosis can help.

  •  You will learn to use the awesome healing power of your mind to control pain, speed recovery, and help your body restore itself to vibrant health.
  •  You’ll develop a healthy positive mindset that can help you to accept your condition and strengthen your confidence in your body’s ability to heal.
  •  Hypnosis for healing and hypnosis for pain will also help you relax and reduce stress, which can bolster your immune system and enable your body to make the most of your treatment.

In the April 29, 2000 edition of the scholarly medical journal, the Lancet, Dr. Elvira Lang of Harvard University published her study of clinical trials using hypnosis before surgery 


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