Diplomatic Parent


Being a parent can be tough, and we often forget that our children’s minds are wide open to both the good, the bad or angry things we say to them. Laura’s Diplomatic Parent self-hypnosis session will help restore harmony in your relationships and be thoughtful of your communication with your child.

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The Diplomatic Parent self-hypnosis session imprints values of gratitude, trust, and respect for yourself, your children, and your family deep into your subconscious mind. Create real change within and learn to communicate with your children honestly and openly demonstrating your desire to understand him or her and to create mutually satisfying outcomes within your family system. As you relax and practice catching your children being “good”, you begin to see your children as the people you want them to become.

Learn that by modeling self-care, you provide a safe and supportive environment that enables your children to be confident, cooperative, and open to your communication. Being a diplomatic parent not only restores harmony within your family, it also enhances your ability to be emotionally in control even during periods of stress.

Listening regularly to the Diplomatic Parent self-hypnosis recoding will create pathways for you to enjoy all the warmth, joy, and fulfillment that a happy relationship with your child or children has to offer. Become the parent others look to as a model, and help your children grow into confident and happy adults.

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