Healthy Eating for Children


Healthy Eating for Children self-hypnosis will train your child at a deep, subconscious level to make healthy food choices and avoid junk foods. Help your child grow to be a healthy, fit, and happy person!

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Teaching your children to eat healthy foods at home is sometimes difficult enough, and we have no control over what they eat when they are not with us. Laura’s Healthy Eating for Children self-hypnosis session teaches children to make healthy choices on their own, and become more aware of the body and its needs. Children will no longer eat to avoid boredom, reduce stress, or to gain momentary pleasure. This Healthy Eating for Children self-hypnosis recording directly works with your child’s subconscious mind, encouraging them to “eat to live”, rather than to “live to eat”.

Laura will teach your child a successful, proven technique for eating the correct amount of food for healthy maintenance of an ideal body weight. She also encourages your child to turn away from junk foods, like fried foods, candy, and sugary drinks. All of this happens naturally and easily as your child listens nightly to the Healthy Eating for Children self-hypnosis. Simply turn this self-hypnosis session on when you put your child to bed, and let Laura do the rest!

It is important that you support your child in their newly learned behavior by making real food at home, making sure they get plenty of clean water to drink, and avoiding the fast food fix when you are in a hurry. We recommend that you listen to the Healthy Choices, Ideal Weight self-hypnosis session to create and maintain healthy eating habits yourself – or at least listen along with your child so that you can support and encourage your child’s progress.

Give your child all of the tools they need to grow into a healthy and happy person, starting right now with Healthy Eating for Children self-hypnosis.

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