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The Complete Learn self-hypnosis series is a six-point program for learning. Listening to the Learn self-hypnosis recordings will retrain your subconscious mind with specific relaxation techniques and practice of mastering mental imagery. Save $93.00! Buy this 6 MP3 series and receive a BONUS MP3 – Be Your Best (Be Fit Series). Total value: $190.00.

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Realize your goals no matter what you have experienced in the past. Release old patterns and uncomfortable memories of teachers, colleagues, or any others who may have made disparaging remarks about your abilities. Simply listen to at least one recording every day, either during a break or when you go to bed at night. These self-hypnosis recordings penetrate the subconscious even if you think you have fallen asleep, because the mind is still recording all sounds for at least 20 minutes after you think you are asleep.

In the Complete Learn self-hypnosis series  you will:

  •  Maximize your study habits and test-taking ability
  •  Retrain your mind to be alert, concentrate, and absorb information
  •  Enhance creativity and recall
  •  Expand your interests and become an excellent thinker who makes easy deductions comparing new and already stored information
  •   Advance you or your child’s education, and even your career.

Transform your negative study habits, including lack of concentration, into positive and truly productive study habits. Download the MP3 self-hypnosis recordings and start making positive change for yourself, or your child, today.

If you are in Law School, please consider purchasing Laura’s Confidence for Law School and Studying for the Bar Exam. Looking to get into college, Law School, Grad School, or Medical School? Be sure to get Laura’s Standardized Test Taking self-hypnosis recording.

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