Develop effective study habits, increase motivation, improve your memory and enhance your ability to learn at any age! With Laura’s hypnosis for learning / hypnosis for memory, you can learn to retrain your brain to easily comprehend and recall new information in test situations and everyday life. Stop reinforcing bad study habits and memory problems by changing your self-talk. Laura will work directly with your subconscious mind to replace old self-talk habits with new, positive information. This new self-talk will become your habit, and help you achieve your goals.

Listening to Laura’s hypnosis for learning and hypnosis for memory recordings will enable you to relax and quickly become interested and absorbed in your studies, making it easy to understand and remember what you are learning. You’ll gain confidence in your knowledge and your ability to apply it effectively in school and in life. Test-taking anxiety is diminished and test scores improve as your confidence grows.

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