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You’ve made it through Law School and there is one final step to becoming a full-fledged lawyer – the Bar Exam. Release fears of failure and gain the confidence you need to pass the Bar Exam as you listen to Laura’s Study for the Bar Exam self-hypnosis session.

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Laura developed and recorded this Study for the Bar Exam especially for aspiring lawyers. She realized that getting through Law School was only part of the process, and that taking the Bar Exam has been the stumbling block of many aspiring attorneys. Laura works directly with your subconscious mind while you listen to her Study for the Bar Exam self-hypnosis recording, releasing fears and unfounded feelings of inadequacy and instilling confidence in your test taking abilities.

Listen often to this self-hypnosis recording as you study for the Bar Exam, and shape your subconscious mind’s ability to be a great test taker, to be an awesome you, to be the lawyer-you! Your techniques to study for the bar exam and your excellent habits are going to allow you to be persistent, to persevere, and to become the very best lawyer you can be.

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