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The secret to achieving and maintaining your ideal body image lies locked within your own mind – your subconscious mind; and this CD set contains the key. Laura King’s Summit Subliminals™ Ideal Body Image CD set will refocus your inner thoughts so you can release self-criticism, anger and fear and replace them with a healthy attitude about your body.

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What do see when you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you feel, and what do you say to yourself and others about your body? Negative self-talk is a habit, and as a habit, it is one of the worst! Your mind works overtime to make sure what you say and think are what you get. Love yourself and see how quickly you achieve the body you desire.  This series of two MP3 s is packed with powerful positive affirmations taken directly from Laura’s Ideal Body Image for Weight Loss self-hypnosis series, and they work with both your conscious and subconscious mind. Laura recorded these powerful positive affirmations two ways, audibly and subliminally, on two separate MP3s. Listen to these two recordings throughout your day to create a new mental framework around achieving your ideal body image. As you listen regularly to Laura’s Ideal Body Image, your inner drive is refocused towards positive action as you direct your mind to release self-criticism, anger and fear. You will feel empowered by the nurturing messages to your conscious and subconscious mind; and you will discover a new-found attitude of self-acceptance and self-love. Listening to Ideal Body Image will give you the confidence and drive to quickly achieve a healthy body image and your ideal body weight, and it is as easy as listening to a music MP3. Start feeling good about your body. Listen to Summit Subliminals™ as often as possible while you go about your daily routine. Replace the negative chatter about your body with new positive self-talk. Free yourself of your bad body image. Retrain your brain to enjoy your body, and feel good about yourself all day, every day!

For more powerful and rapid change, use this Summit Subliminals™ series in conjunction with Laura’s Summit Subliminals™ Weight Loss series and  Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit for Life Series.

Item #1: Summit Subliminals™ Conscious Level Audible Affirmations for Weight Loss

Listening to Summit Subliminals™ audible affirmations repeatedly will change the negative, unproductive mental chatter that keeps you from achieving your ideal body image to positive, inspiring self-talk. Listen to soothing music while Laura King’s audible positive affirmations repeat like a mantra. Your conscious mind will adopt these new thoughts as your own; and, unlike self-hypnosis, you can listen anytime – even while driving! Feel good about body, and watch as your quickly achieve a healthy body image and your ideal body weight.

Item #2: Summit Subliminals™ Subliminal Level Affirmations for Weight Loss

Laura King’s Summit Subliminals™ subliminal audio affirmations are the same subliminal audio affirmations as those on MP3 #1, played outside your conscious hearing. Even though you won’t hear them, these affirmations powerfully penetrate into your subconscious mind while you go about your daily business. Listen to the soothing music, knowing that old subconscious fears and negative thought patterns surrounding your body are being replaced with new positive thoughts.

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