Weight Loss Conscious Affirmations & Subliminal Affirmations


Throw all your diet books in the trash. Start creating the body you want today using the power of your mind with Laura King’s Weight Loss self-hypnosis series and her Summit Subliminals™ audible and subliminal audio affirmations. How is this different? This is the missing link in your dream of creating a healthier lifestyle once and for all. Laura will instill in you the confidence and resolve to stay the course and achieve and maintain your ideal weight goal.Tap into the incredible potential of your mind. Make listening a habit and notice how you automatically make choices that are conducive to achieving your ideal body. Also consider purchasing the Ideal Body Image Summit Subliminals™ CD set.

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How many times have you decided to lose weight, and after a few weeks are right back where you started? Then you read about the latest diet plan and try it, and then another, and another, but none of them work because you just can’t stick to them. There is a way to create permanent change. The secret to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight lies locked within your own mind – your subconscious mind; and this CD/MP3 set contains the key. Laura King’s Summit Subliminal™ will help you stop the Yo-Yo dieting cycle by creating permanent change in your conscious and subconscious mind. This series of two CDs is packed with powerful positive affirmations taken directly from Laura’s Weight Loss self-hypnosis series. Laura recorded these powerful positive affirmations two ways, audibly and subliminally, on two separate CDs. Listen to these two recordings throughout your day to create a new mental framework around achieving your ideal weight. Find yourself naturally eating the right foods in the correct amounts, and feel how good it feels as your clothing gets looser. Your eating habits are a pattern you developed over many years, so changing your inner programming around what, how much, and when you eat is vital. Releasing unwanted weight is as easy as listening to a music CD. Watch as your weight drops and see how good if feels when others start to notice. Listen to Summit Subliminals™ as often as possible while you go about your daily routine. Replace the negative chatter about your weight with new positive self-talk. Free yourself of your bad body image. Retrain your brain to enjoy eating healthy foods in the correct portions, feel as your metabolism increases, and enjoy the shopping trip to buy new clothes for your thinner, ideal body!

For more powerful and rapid change, use this Summit Subliminal™ series in conjunction with Laura’s Complete Weight Loss / Be Fit for Life Series.

Item #1: Summit Subliminal™ Conscious Level Audible Affirmations for Weight Loss

Listening to Summit Subliminal™ audible affirmations repeatedly will change the negative, unproductive mental chatter that keeps you from achieving your ideal weight to positive, inspiring self-talk. Listen to soothing music while Laura King’s audible positive affirmations repeat like a mantra. Your conscious mind will adopt these new thoughts as your own; and, unlike self-hypnosis, you can listen anytime – even while driving! Feel good about body, knowing that you only eat the foods that are conducive to weight loss.

Item #2: Summit Subliminal™ Subliminal Level Affirmations for Weight Loss

Laura King’s Summit Subliminal™ subliminal audio affirmations are the same subliminal audio affirmations as those on CD #1, played outside your conscious hearing. Even though you won’t hear them, these affirmations powerfully penetrate into your subconscious mind while you go about your daily business. Listen to the soothing music, knowing that old subconscious fears and negative thought patterns surrounding your weight are being replaced with new positive thoughts.


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