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Tap into the incredible potential that your mind has to offer with Laura King’s Increasing Memory “self-hypnosis” CD and her Summit Subliminals™ audible and subliminal audio affirmations. Make listening a habit and notice how others react to your amazing improved memory.

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You can have a great memory at any age with Laura King’s Summit Subliminals™ MP3 set. This series of two MP3s is packed with powerful positive affirmations taken directly from Laura’s Increasing Memory “self-hypnosis” MP3. Laura recorded these powerful positive affirmations two ways, audibly and subliminally, on two separate MP3s. As you listen to these two recordings throughout your day, you will start to notice that you are paying more attention to details – and remembering them! You will pay attention to what is being said and to what you hear. You will pay attention to what you see around you. You will recall names and faces easily and readily. Whatever you need to remember is recalled with ease. You will find that you are more relaxed in social and business settings as your self-confidence increases; and your self-image and your self-esteem will grow even stronger as you recognize that you have an excellent memory bank! Does this sound impossible? It is as easy as listening to a music MP3. Improve your memory with Summit Subliminals™ by listening as often as possible while you go about your daily routine. Replace the negative chatter in your thoughts with new positive self-talk and free yourself of past fears of embarrassing memory loss. Retrain your brain to pay attention to everything, retain the information, and you will be confident, fearless, and focused whenever you want to remember anything.

For more powerful and rapid change, use this Summit Subliminals™ series in conjunction with the Increasing Memory “self-hypnosis” MP3.

Item #1: Summit Subliminals™ Conscious Level Audible Affirmations for Improving Memory

Listening to Summit Subliminals™ audible affirmations repeatedly will change the negative, unproductive mental chatter that keeps you from using your memory to its maximum potential to positive, uplifting, confidence building self-talk. Listen to soothing music with Laura King’s audible positive affirmations repeat like a mantra. Your conscious mind will adopt these new thoughts as your own; and, unlike “self-hypnosis”, you can listen anytime – even while driving! Improving your memory is just that simple.

Item #2: Summit Subliminals™ Subliminal Level Affirmations for Improving Memory

Laura King’s Summit Subliminals™ subliminal audio affirmations are the same subliminal audio affirmations as those on MP3 #1, played outside your conscious hearing. Even though you won’t hear them, these affirmations powerfully penetrate into your subconscious mind while you go about your daily business. Listen to the soothing music, knowing that old subconscious fears and thinking patterns about your memory are being replaced with new positive thoughts.

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