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If you suffer from bouts of insomnia, this is the self-hypnosis session for you. Laura created her Overcome Insomnia self-hypnosis session specifically for clients who struggle with insomnia. She uses visualization techniques that help you relax into a dreamy state, and then gently takes you deeper, quieting your mind into a deep sleep.

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Whether you have a problem falling asleep or staying asleep, Laura’s Overcome Insomnia self-hypnosis will help you get a great night’s rest. Years of working with clients from all walks of life presented Laura with the unique opportunity to find the universal triggers that cause sleeplessness. Sleep is such an important part of mental and physical health that she developed this self-hypnosis session that gently carries you into a deep sleep.

Laura explains how Overcome Insomnia self-hypnosis works, “If you have a lot on your mind and you can’t seem to turn off the internal chatter, then your brain waves aren’t functioning properly. To let your mind quite itself, I take you from the Beta part of the brain into Alpha with the sound of my voice relaxing you. I use visualization techniques which help you enjoy the Alpha dreamy state. Finally, you drift and let yourself go even deeper into the Theta and Delta part of your mind which is deep sleep.”

Don’t endure another sleepless night. Downloading the MP3 of Sleep Wonderfully self-hypnosis is as easy as clicking the mouse. Put it on your MP3 player and take Laura with you on vacation, or business trips to help you relax as you go to sleep.

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