More and more doctors are prescribing hypnosis for relief of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Laura created her Relief for IBS self-hypnosis series specifically for those suffering the anxiety of living with IBS. Start listening today by downloading the MP3 self-hypnosis session and feel a sense of relief as you listen to Laura’s soothing voice help you with developing healthy eating habits. Learn at a deep subconscious level how to relax and release stress. Doctors know it works, so take the step now for your health!

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    If you live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you know how frustrating it is that the medical community is often baffled by this condition. Doctors like Andrew Weil, M.D. have embraced hypnosis as an effective mind-body therapy for IBS. Laura uses gut-directed hypnotherapy in her Relief for IBS self-hypnosis sessions that utilizes visualization and relaxation techniques designed to help individuals relieve stress and develop healthy eating habits.

    Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) self-hypnosis gives you the tools to easily and automatically make positive lifestyle choices in order to eat healthy meals and snacks every day. You will learn life-changing relaxation and visualization techniques that help you stay away from the foods you know are not conducive to your health and be more readily attracted to those items that are nourishing and safe for your body. Listen often and learn to:

    • Avoid dairy products and products with carrageenan
    • Avoid caffeine (including decaffeinated beverages)
    • Avoid tobacco and other stimulants
    • Eat more fruits, whole grains and cooked vegetables
    • Eat small, frequent meals

    Once your thought patterns for healthy eating are enhanced by listening regularly to Laura’s first self-hypnosis session for Relief for IBS, the second self-hypnosis session focuses on relaxation and stress release. Laura will teach you to use relaxation techniques to free your mind and body from the everyday worries. This newfound freedom will allow you to live a healthy and stress free life.

    Take control of your life and make daily self-care for your health your number one priority. Start listening today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis sessions.

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