Hypnosis for Comfortable Travel

Does the thought of traveling cause you anxiety? You aren’t alone. Thousands of people have:

  •  Fear of flying
  •  Motion sickness
  •  Jet lag

Laura realizes this and created her self-hypnosis for comfortable travel sessions to help people just like you. She used her years of experience of working with individuals in her chair to create these self-hypnosis sessions that get right to the issues and make changes at a deep level so you can travel comfortably.

Through hypnosis, Laura will help you learn to transform fear and anxieties into constructive, empowering self-talk that will enable you to regain control, and focus on achieving comfortable travel. Listening regularly to these self-hypnosis sessions will help you be able to board your plane with a renewed sense of confidence. Fearless Flying even helps pilots gain better focus and concentration.

Motion sickness, whether in a car, a plane, a train or on a boat, will not only ruin your trip but the effects stay with you. Let Laura help you eliminate motion sickness symptoms. Laura’s self-hypnosis for comfortable travel will also help with jet lag. Enjoy every minute of your travel. Be sure to listen 21 times to each session, and take them with you while traveling to ensure your comfortable travel.

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  • Complete Pleasant Journeys Series 731


    Have you ever missed out on fun with your family or friends because you are not a good traveler? You can experience comfortable travel with Laura’s Complete Pleasant Journeys self-hypnosis series. Listening regularly prior to travel will help you reframe your feelings about travel to make every trip a great one.

  • Fearless Flying 733

    from $17.00

    Do internal voices of paralyzing fear keep you from having a pleasant and enjoyable flight? Are your knuckles white from gripping your chair each time the airplane hits an air pocket? Save yourself from the fear of flying with Laura’s Fearless Flying self-hypnosis session. Listen regularly before and even during your flights as a passenger. Laura uses imagery and release mechanisms to help you become a relaxed traveler, now and for the rest of your life!

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • Let Go of Jetlag 737

    from $17.00

    Seasickness and motion sickness can turn a normally enjoyable experience into a more than memorable disaster. There are over the counter medications that help, but the side effects are not pleasant either. If you want to be free of the unbalanced, lurching and often debilitating feeling of motion sickness or seasickness, listening to Laura’s No More Seasickness self-hypnosis session will help you to become a happy traveler again!

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

  • No More Seasickness 735

    from $17.00

    Jet lag can make the first day or two of a business trip or vacation miserable. Having traveled extensively, Laura was aware that jet lag can ruin your trip, so she created Let Go of Jetlag self-hypnosis so that she and other travelers can enjoy traveling across time zones. Listening to this self-hypnosis session will help you get adequate rest and relaxation so you are able to have an enjoyable and productive trip.

    MP3 $17 - CD $27.47

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